Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bee Update

This time, its just a quick update about the bees :)

About 6 frames are fully drawn out in my hive, so its almost time to put on another super. We saw my queen when inspecting, she looks good... and busy, there were tons of bee eggs! On Dads top bar hive, there are about 7 frames with comb on them and an 8th one started. We havent seen his queen, but there are eggs, so she is in there somewhere, (hopefully!)

And another thing, I really thought it would take getting used to, to not be afraid of them, but I am pretty calm with them flying around me already. I don't know about anyone else, but I was afraid they would always just be trying to sting me, you know "My Girl" style, when I got anywhere near the hive. They are suprisingly docile, they just land on you, and chill out, or ignore you for the most part and just walk around. I love them already! I just hope they do well, and live through this first year!!

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