Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Robbers and Babies

I was pretty worried about my bees sunday, there were tons of bees on the front of the hive, and it looked like they might be fighting, so we thought they were being robbed! An experienced bee keeper told us to creep down there at night and put a screen over the enterance, then check in the morning, and if there were bees trying to get in, then those were robber bees. Well thats what we did, and no robber bees in the morning, so I dont know what was going on that day! So we took the screen off, and then had a quick look inside... TONS of bees! The new babys are here!! All of the brood is hatching for the first time, and the hive is quickly filling with baby bees :) So just to be safe, we put on the second deep super (dont want them swarming when we are gone!)

Look at all that capped brood, now, those baby bees are all hatching out and joining the hive! Ill have to get some updated pictures up soon!

If you look closely, you can even see some capped honey (or sugar syrup probably still) in the top corners on both sides.

And this is some of Dads comb. His bees are hatching out too! And he has 9 frames with comb on them now.

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