Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Russians and Italians..... new bees that is!

The new bees are here, the new bees are here!! We are now official Apiarists!

Wednesday we finally went up to pick up our bees up at Parsons Gold Apiaries. They have so many hives, just sitting around the place, and bees flying in and out of the garage, so we knew that was where to go. You would not believe the sound the bees made in there, it legitimitely sounded like all the fans were on, but it was just thousands of buzzing bees. And there were bees flying free just around your head and landing on you, it was all I could do not to freak out at first :) Anyway we had ordered two 3 pound packages of bees, one with a Italian queen for me, and one with a Russian queen for Dad. The family there really helped us out, and gave us a dry run of installing the bees, just to give us an idea, which turned out to be really helpful by the way, and we asked every question we could possibly think of, and hoped we were ready!

The Italian queen went in a Langstroth hive, and the Russians in Dads top bar hive. My hive came as a kit from Walter T Kelley, but Dad's hive was built by himself and Rick, a good friend of his. The installation went without a hitch... and no one got stung! We just hope and pray that they do well and produce a bountiful harvest :) I am just so excited I cant contain myself :0D

So here are our 2 videos, we hope you like them!

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