Monday, April 25, 2011

Using the Dehydrator Again

WOW! Sorry for the lack of posts in April. It has been a hectic month for sure! Anyway on to the good stuff!
      This last week we dehydrated frozen hashbrowns. We love to keep them around the house for just frying up, or casseroles, but they take up a lot of freezer space. So with dehydrating them, you can keep them anywhere really. And you can keep alot more of them for the space.
     These are one of the easiest things you can dehydrate, because all you have to do is open the bag and pour them on the trays. About 1 bag fits on 2 trays. Don't worry about them touching though, with hashbrowns, it really doesn't matter. Leave them in the dehydrator for six hours or so, or overnight (much easier). And one frozen bag, dehydrated, fits in a quart mason jar.

To rehydrate them, just pour boiling water over them, just to cover. Let them stand about 5 minutes or so. then just treat them like regular hash browns. In fact we just made my Grandma(Nan's) signature recipe, Cheesy Potatoes, with the rehydrated hash browns and they turned out really good, not like her's, but nothing tastes as good as grandmas :) Enjoy the video guys

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