Friday, August 5, 2011

10 Dozen?

Yep that's right, we bought 10 dozen ears of corn from the town farmers market this week. And we plan on buying at least 10 more the next time he has it. We usually get enough corn to last us until the next year, when we can buy more.

The type of corn we get every year is called Serendipity, it is a bi color sweet corn. And it is so sweet, that it tastes like sugar has been added to it. It's fantastic, I love it!

What we do to store our corn for the year is freeze it, One year we tried canning it, but it doesnt have quite the same texture that we like, so in the freezer it goes. First thing we do is shuck it all( I know... Thats a given). We use laundry baskets to hold it all in, because its the easiest thing to carry them in, and all the husks to the garden.

After that, we take them all to the kitchen, rinse them off, and start cutting the corn off the cob. We also like the pulp stuff left on the cob after cutting the kernals off, so we scrape that stuff into the bowl too. Then 3 cups of corn go into each quart baggie, and we throw them in the freezer, thats it!

Seems like alot less than there should be doesnt it?

And then of course we have to tie up the cobs in multiple trash bags, and boxes or else HE will eat them all! He looks so innocent right? Not :)

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