Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our First Real Post! Canning Clementines

Here goes! Bear with us this is our first video, we're no Steven Spielberg but it gets the point across. Hopefully they will get better for your sake!

So you all know the little cans of Mandarin oranges you get at the grocery, well not only do you get a lot more bang for your buck, but these taste a lot better too.

Just like all the other fruits, for oranges we use a water bath canner. We used a light syrup for our clementines, but by all means you can use a heavy syrup or anything in between, to make it as sweet as you want. That's part of the beauty of canning yourself, you control all the ingredients.

Here is the chart for the sugar to water ratio in the different syrups.
                                 Sugar                     Water
Extra Light                 1 1/4 c.                   5 1/2 c.
Light                          2 1/4 c.                   5 1/4 c.
Medium                     3 1/4 c.                   5 c.
Heavy                        4 1/4 c.                   4 1/4 c.

Canning these is so simple, you sterilize everything, cold pack the clementines in the jars, then pour in the hot syrup. Pour it up until you have a half inch head space left. Screw on the lids and set in the canner. Then you let them boil for ten minutes. Thats it! We got about 6 pints out of our 6 pounds of clementines with a few extra pieces. And don't fret if one of your jars doesn't seal, it happens to everyone, in fact it happened to us this time, but we just put them in the fridge for eating first :0)

Hopefully that wasn't too long and boring for you, I tried not to be! Anyway, here is the video I promised.

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  1. I googled "what to do with 6 pounds of clementines" and found your site.

    I never thought about canning them! Thanks.

    I just hate wasting food.